22 Aug 2005

Why I like Open Source Matters (was Why I Like Mambo)

The Software Freedom Law Center and I have been interested for a while in a PHP-based CMS called Mambo. The more I studied it, the more I liked both the technology and the team. Mambo’s development team struck me as an unusual example in the FOSS world: a particularly cohesive and energetic collection of developers with similar styles and intentions. Therefore we began to talk about the Mambo team’s retaining the SFLC to do their legal work.

To my surprise, when I saw the developers in San Francisco at LWE, they were deeply concerned about the possibility that Miro might be trying to take their project away from them. So our first job for them is to help the developers set their project off on a new direction. As I would have expected, they made that decision unanimously, easily, and with strong spirit of mutual aid. I’m delighted to be working with such grownup developers.

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