24 Nov 2004

The UK Stake in the European Patent Crisis

The events coming to a boil in the European Council and Parliament this month are a sign of the global maturation of the free software movement. The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII), the EuroLinux Alliance and the individual programmers and small to medium-size software businesses who have joined with them, have established our view about the dangers of patent law to innovation and freedom as a real force in European politics.

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06 Nov 2004


One thing that can be confidently predicted in the wake of the US presidential election is that we’re going to hear more about “cyber-terrorism” in the near future. The politics of fear that re-elected George W. Bush has other instrumental uses. And, as Henry Kissinger famously pointed out, even a paranoid can have enemies: the need for a more secure network, though overhyped, is real.

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