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Package TWiki::User

A User object is an internal representation of a user in the real world. The object knows about users having login names, wiki names, personal topics, and email addresses.

Groups are also handled here. A group is really a subclass of a user, in that it is a user with a set of users within it.

The User package also provides methods for managing the passwords of the user.

ClassMethod new ($session,$loginname,$wikiname)

Construct a new user object for the given login name, wiki name.

The wiki name can either be a wiki word or it can be a web- qualified wiki word. If the wiki name is not web qualified, the user is assumed to have their home topic in the $TWiki::cfg{UsersWebName} web.

ObjectMethod wikiName () -> $wikiName

Return the wikiname of the user (without the web!)

ObjectMethod webDotWikiName () -> $webDotWiki

Return the fully qualified wikiname of the user

ObjectMethod login () -> $loginName

Return the login name of the user

ObjectMethod web () -> $webName

Return the registration web of the user

ObjectMethod equals () -> $boolean

Test is this is the same user as another user object

ObjectMethod stringify () -> $string

Generate a string representation of this object, suitable for debugging

ObjectMethod passwordExists () -> $boolean

Checks to see if there is an entry in the password system Return '1' if true, '' if not

ObjectMethod checkPassword ($password) -> $boolean

used to check the user's password

$password unencrypted password

$success '1' if success

TODO: need to improve the error mechanism so TWikiAdmins? know what failed

ObjectMethod removePassword () -> $boolean

Used to remove the user and password from the password system. Returns true if success

ObjectMethod changePassword ($user,$oldUserPassword,$newUserPassword) -> $boolean

used to change the user's password $oldUserPassword unencrypted password $newUserPassword unencrypted password undef if success, error message otherwise

ObjectMethod addPassword ($newPassword) -> $boolean

creates a password entry $newUserPassword unencrypted password '1' if success TODO: need to improve the error mechanism so TWikiAdmins? know what failed

ObjectMethod resetPassword () -> $newPassword

Reset the users password, returning the new generated password.

ObjectMethod emails () -> @emailAddress

If this is a user, return their email addresses. If it is a group, return the addresses of everyone in the group.

ObjectMethod setEmails ($user,@emails)

Fetch the email address(es) for the given username

ObjectMethod isAdmin () -> $boolean

True if the user is an admin (is a member of the $TWiki::cfg{SuperAdminGroup})

ObjectMethod getGroups () -> @groups

Get a list of user objects for the groups a user is in

ObjectMethod isInList ($list) -> $boolean

Return true we are in the list of user objects passed.

$list is a string representation of a user list.

ObjectMethod isGroup () -> $boolean

Test if this is a group user or not

ObjectMethod groupMembers () -> @members

Return a list of user objects that are members of this group. Should only be called on groups.



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