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Package TWiki::UI::Register

User registration handling.

StaticMethod register_cgi ($session)

register command handler. This method is designed to be invoked via the TWiki::UI::run method.

StaticMethod passwd_cgi ($session)

passwd command handler. This method is designed to be invoked via the TWiki::UI::run method.

StaticMethod bulkRegister ($session)

Called by ManageCgiScript? ::bulkRegister (requires authentication) with topic = the page with the entries on it.

  1. Makes sure you are an admin user wink
  2. Calls TWiki::Data::DelimitedFile (delimiter => '|', content =>textReadFromTopic)
  3. ensures requiredFieldsPresent()
  4. starts a log file
  5. calls registerSingleBulkUser() for each row
  6. writes output to log file, sets TWiki.TOPICPARENT? back to page with entries on it.
  7. redirects to log file

StaticMethod registerAndNext ($session,$tempUserDir)

This is called when action = register or action = ""

It calls register and either Verify or Finish.

Hopefully we will get workflow integrated and rewrite this to be table driven

StaticMethod register ($session)

This is called through: TWikiRegistration -> RegisterCgiScript? -> here

  1. gets rows and fields from the query
  2. calls _validateRegistration() to ensure required fields correct, else OopsException?

StaticMethod resetPassword ($session)

Generates a password. Mails it to them and asks them to change it. Entry point intended to be called from TWiki::UI::run

StaticMethod changePassword ($session)

Change the user's password and/or email. Details of the user and password are passed in CGI parameters.

  1. Checks required fields have values
  2. get wikiName and userName from getUserByEitherLoginOrWikiName(username)
  3. check passwords match each other, and that the password is correct, otherwise 'wrongpassword'
  4. TWiki::User::updateUserPassword
  5. 'oopschangepasswd'

The NoPasswdUser? case is not handled.

An admin user can change other user's passwords.

StaticMethod verifyEmailAddress ($session,$tempUserDir)

This is called: on receipt of the activation password -> RegisterCgiScript? -> here

  1. calls _reloadUserContext(activation password)
  2. throws oops if appropriate
  3. calls emailRegistrationConfirmations
  4. still calls 'oopssendmailerr' if a problem, but this is not done uniformly

StaticMethod finish

Presently this is called in RegisterCgiScript? directly after a call to verify. The separation is intended for the RegistrationApprovals functionality

  1. calls _reloadUserContext (throws oops if appropriate)
  2. calls createUserTopic()
  3. if using the htpasswdFormatFamily, calls _addUserToPasswordSystem
  4. calls the misnamed RegistrationHandler? to set cookies
  5. calls addUserToMapping
  6. writes the logEntry (if wanted :/)
  7. redirects browser to 'oopsregthanks'

reloads the context by code these two are separate in here to ease the implementation of administrator approval



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