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Embracing Faith, Unity, and Consultation: Forging My Future Law Practice

-- By TristonFerguson - 14 Apr 2023

In the wake of my father's passing, I found solace and strength by operating from a place of faith. This unwavering belief has propelled me beyond the depths of grief and into a realm where I no longer seek my late father's approval. Instead, I have embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery, paving the way for a future law practice that revolves around finding unity in difference and leading from the middle. Let me share with you the personal evolution of my purpose and the elements that will shape my path forward.

Losing my father was an indescribable loss, leaving me hurt, confused, and incomplete. However, through faith, I discovered a newfound resilience—a source of strength that has guided me through the darkest days. It has helped me persevere and navigate the obstacles and challenges that arose as a result of losing him during a time when I needed him most. Faith, as the Bible scripture describes it, is "the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen." With faith as my foundation, I have learned to embrace the unknown and trust in the journey ahead.

In the aftermath of my father's passing, I realized that my purpose had long been intertwined with seeking his approval. I recall the early days when a simple baseball glove became the gateway to his pride and joy. As a young child, I strived to excel in the sport not only for my own enjoyment but also to bring him the happiness he deserved. However, as I grew older, my purpose shifted as my father introduced me to the concept of the "Ivy League" during an evening in my grandparent's library. His aspirations for me to attend such a prestigious institution fueled my dedication to academic excellence, leading me to sacrifice my beloved sport and immerse myself in scholarly pursuits. Arriving on Columbia's campus, I had hoped that achieving my father's aspirations would bring closure and a sense of fulfillment. Yet, the emptiness within me remained, leaving me adrift, devoid of true direction or purpose. It was during this tumultuous period that I began to reshape my perspective. I realized that my father's love was never conditioned upon my accomplishments or the positions I held. Instead, he wished for me to find pride in the work I accomplished and to live a life of purpose.

Guided by faith, I embarked on a new purpose—an evolving pathway that is shaping my future law practice. Central to this vision is the notion of finding unity in difference. I firmly believe that diversity, in all its forms, holds the key to transformative change. To bridge divides and foster collaboration, I aim to create an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and disciplines can work together towards common goals. This skill will be immensely vital and useful considering the increase in polarization between individuals, groups, and interest groups.

Leading from the middle will be the cornerstone of my approach. It involves harnessing the power of shared values and common ground to inspire collective action. By helping individuals recognize what they have in common, I aim to break down barriers and empower them to believe in their abilities to effect change. I envision myself as a facilitator, encouraging open dialogue, collaboration, and understanding among disparate parties.

As I reflect on my role as the secretary for the student senate, I realize the invaluable opportunity it presents to practice and hone my skills in leading from the middle. In this position, I am entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring effective communication, fostering consensus, and amplifying the voices of all students. By embracing unity in difference, I can guide the student senate towards productive discussions and inclusive decision-making processes. I am committed to creating an environment that celebrates diversity, encourages empathy, and values every perspective.

Looking ahead, I envision my future law practice as a vehicle for consultation. Recognizing the transformative power of meaningful conversations, I aspire to serve as a consultant who brings together diverse stakeholders to find innovative and sustainable solutions. By facilitating dialogue, I aim to bridge gaps, facilitate understanding, and promote collaborative problem-solving. It is through consultation that I can help individuals and organizations navigate complex challenges and unlock their full potential. I will be spending this summer meeting various leaders throughout New York City that can be described as “the glue that holds things together” for their organization. I have come to learn that these people may not be the public face of the company, group, or organization, but in their absence, the movement would surely die. l I hope to replicate this type of influence in the near future.

My journey from grief to purpose has been fueled by faith, leading me to a profound realization: my late father's approval is not the foundation upon which my life is built. Embracing faith as my compass, I have discovered a new purpose—one that revolves around finding unity in difference and leading from the middle. Through my role as the secretary for the student senate, I am actively practicing these principles, further refining my abilities to create inclusive environments. Looking ahead, I am committed to shaping a future law practice centered around consultation, where I can bring diverse voices together to forge paths of understanding and progress. With faith as my guide, I am ready to make a lasting impact, fostering unity, and creating a more harmonious society.

There are two routes to improvement in revision. We can make the writing better by removing lots of words. Because some of the ideas here are so important to you, you say them frequently. Every redundant word should go, and every sentence, too. The reader cannot face your experience as you have done, so you have to write about it tautly, for the reader's attention, which is differently organized.

We can make the substance more valuable to you by turning from the past to the future. You are now at a new beginning, your writing says, in which the goals of your practice are your happiness and helpfulness to others, not pleasing or living up to your father's expectations. In this sense, having come through mourning, you are now entering law school. But you have a year's learning already under you, so the process of revision now involves seeking out a more specific idea of what you intend to do, where, with whom, and how much you need in order to sustain that practice and that life. Time to get out the crayon and start drawing on the wall.

Hi Triston! First off, I am so sorry for your loss. I have found that the big dates tend to be the most challenging, and though everyone's experience of losing a parent is different, I know it's hard. My mom and I would have celebrated her birthday a few days ago were she still here, and it hits me in ways I can't describe every year. She and I had a complicated relationship (and she was also a main part of one of my essays for this course), and though I have worked tirelessly to manage its impact on me over the years, occasionally I still question whether I am chasing goals for myself in the here and now or in an attempt to be a son who would make her proud. That said, I've really enjoyed becoming closer friends with you over the course of the semester, and I feel I could learn a lot from reading about how your experience would shape your practice in the event that's the direction you take your next draft. Thanks for sharing.


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