Law in Contemporary Society
-- MohitGourisaria - 24 Feb 2010

Philip Howard talks about how law is stifling the nation, instead of aiding in its freedom. Someone, in class today, mentioned taking a "legitimate" path in meeting one's end. But what if there is no legitimacy to the path, only habitual surrender? It is interesting to see a Corporate Partner take this approach (although I have no knowledge of his motivations or goals).

Howard came to speak to us during Bobbitt's Legal Methods class. His personal goal is to balance civic and corporate life. He was fired from a different firm for being too involved in "other work." In my paper page I mentioned that seesaws have been litigated out of existence. This is an idea that I took from Howard, and actually just got his book in the mail yesterday so I could look into it. I accidentally ordered an extra copy if anybody wants to buy it from me smile


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