Law in Contemporary Society
We haven't had a note-taker since 3/5. If several individuals upload their own notes to the new threads, we can refactor them into a complete version later.

I had an idea, and I would like the class's opinion on it. I have posted the dates of our remaining classes. To avoid the humming and awkward looks around the room associated with the line, "Who wants to take notes today?" I thought we could just sign up beforehand right here, revising this post. The only problem I see with the idea is that we have to make sure that the designated notetaker is in attendance. So, I would suggest that Eben ask if the notetaker is present.

Wed. 1/23

Thurs. 1/24 - Barb Pitman (great idea -- thanks!)

W. 1/30 - Michael Willes

R. 1/31 - Dan Bryan

W. 2/6 - Wendy Huang

R. 2/7 - Adam Carlis (now if I can only remember!)

W. 2/13 - Andrew Gradman

R. 2/14 - Makalika Naholowa'a

W. 2/20

R. 2/21 - Elaine Tan

W. 2/27

R. 2/28 - Amanda Hungerford

W. 3/5 - Sandor Marton

R. 3/6

W. 3/12

R. 3/13

W. 3/19

R. 3/20

W. 3/26

R. 3/27

W. 4/2

R. 4/3 - Andrew Wolstan

W. 4/9 - Andrew Gradman

R. 4/10 - Daniel Butrymowicz

W. 4/16 - Christina Youn

R. 4/17 - Michael Brown II

W. 4/23 - Mia White

R. 4/24 Ted Smith (I'm learning a new keyboard layout, and am going to be useless at typing until I figure it out)

-- MichaelWilles - 19 Jan 2008

This sounds like a good plan to me - thanks for taking the time to create the form!

-- MakalikaNaholowaa - 20 Jan 2008



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