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One Writer's Possible Essay Topics

I've been considering several ideas that may be the subject of my 1000 page word essay. (Definitely a "Freudian" slip. Proofreading is really hard, but lawyers should always do it, no matter what is being written.) I thought I would share a few of them here.

What does it mean for a lawyer to never be far from evil? (Question derived from Lawyerland) (Feb 16 Supplementary audio 48:00)

Why do religious adherents who rely upon a Holy book of laws follow secular laws? What kinds of psychological gymnastics are going on there? (Question derived from Max Weber, Calvin, my hometown community)(Look most closely at the Folklore of Capitalism, Lawyerland)

Is a government of laws governed by reason a (false/unattainable/pointless/worthy) ideal? (Derived from Transcendental Nonsense and the fickleness of the courts)

Is legalese necessary to understand legal concepts or is it merely a gatekeeping mechanism by which to exclude the uneducated from legal discourse? (I think it's both) (Derived from a comment Emens made in Contracts and a conversation I had on the etherpad with someone)

How to apply the doctrine of Cy Pres in a way that promotes the public good without exonerating the legacies of racist grantors. (derived from a comment Julianna made in Property)

How Dante's ordering of the circles of hell maps onto the harshness of punishments in the American criminal justice system. I could focus in on the distinction between first and second degree murder. Sins of incontinence are not a harshly punished as sins that require an abuse of reason.

What of the Draba? How property law deals with (or doesn't) inherent value. (Derived from Purdy's comments on the sunlight doctrine and the Sand County Almanac)

How the Christian conception of the Trinity is one religious community's attempt to understand how we all contain multitudes.

Analytics has made the NBA the league for nerds (but that's a good thing)

How the MPC test for insanity captures the multiplicity of personality far better than the M'Naghten test but still has room for improvement

Something building on my undergrad residential segregation research. Collaborate with lobbyist and legislators to isolate an area ripe for examination that could lead to legislative change.

How the threat of state takeover incentivizes schools to implement autonomous schools models. (case study for Shelby County TN)

-- JackSherrick - 17 Feb 2021

All of these general regions no doubt contain something you could write productively about. None is ready, because none actually expresses your idea; each is, as you say, an idea about an idea that might ultimately come to be. Maybe the effort to keep the options open is having its usual effect? Perhaps it is time to choose one neighborhood and dig there until you have unearthed the idea you will write about. place where i used for new whatsapp statuys video...

-- AnilYadav? - 02 Apr 2022



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