Law in Contemporary Society

Getting to Know Us

First-week small group meetings. All meetings will be held at my Jitsi Meet server. Please also see NoteOnBrowsers.

Tue 18 Jan 1:20pm Taryn Wilkins
  Gueinah Blaise
  Godard Solomon
  Gabrielle Stanfield
  Thomas Vance
Tue 18 Jan 1:50pm Nereese Watson
  Michelle Xiao
  Morgan Martin
  Kaila Alston
  Adriana Hong
  Lydia Murray
Tue 18 Jan 2:20pm Connor Hudson
  Melissa Mouritsen
  Sarah Kim
  Karsyn Archambeau
Wed 21 Jan 6:00pm Ashley Marceus
  Tasha Statz-Geary
  Adrian Hernandez
  Stephanie Liu
  Zelly Rosa
Wed 21 Jan 6:30pm Spencer Becerra
  Felicia Reyes
  Alexandrea Chima
Thu 20 Jan 8:30am Brayan Arreola
  Ashley Wilson
  Jermel McClure? Jr.
Thu 20 Jan 1:20pm Corey Whitt
  Brooke Holder
  Brandon Holt
  Rubí Rodriguez
  Elizabeth Huh
Thu 20 Jan 1:50pm Yaseen Mozaffar
  Brianna Gordon
  Amina Stone-Taylor
  Janaba Gakou
  Justine Hong
Thu 20 Jan 2:20pm Aimee Pacheco


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