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I noticed Dawit's "BigLaw" in the "MoneyConcerns" page turned into a blue word with a question mark, meaning it hasn't been discussed before on the Twiki. Maybe this is something to discuss, even outside of the money concerns discussion. I wanted to try out this function, but this is what we all talk about day to day here at CLS, so maybe a conversation in the context of this class would be useful. Personally, I feel that it's strange that BigLaw is such a given for all of us. It's so definite that we talk so much about it. Yet so many of us have internal conflict with it. It's pretty amazing that this is nearly guaranteed for us, but I wonder how this sits with everyone else? -- OliviaMartinez - 04 Feb 2021

Hey Olivia, thanks for making this topic. I completely agree, and I think it is also strange that the "default" is going to Biglaw. There might be competing forces at play, however, that might be worth discussing if you or anyone else had any thoughts. The first is that even before I came to Columbia, I was already aware of its strong BigLaw focussed reputation. I don't actually remember how I figured that out, but I was made aware somehow. The other factor is Columbia's location, where maybe by being in the heart of NYC and relatively close to all these firms, OCI (back when it was in person) was very simple to run and from there the school built these relationships with many of the BigLaw firms. To be clear, I am not making a value judgment, but I just wanted to throw these factors out there to see if anyone else had any thoughts or other explanations as to why Columbia is so BigLaw focussed.

-- DylanShamoon - 05 Feb 2021

I also heard a lot about CLS's big law reputation but it wasn't till we all started searching for jobs that I realized how deeply ingrained it is! Before I knew it, I'd applied to several law firms not even really knowing what it is that they do and also not even sure that it was something I wanted to pursue. But then when I saw how much money they were offering I felt like I needed to find out more. It's so interesting how the place you are in can really shape your decisions and open paths you never even imagined you would take.

-- TaleahTyrell - 08 Feb 2021

I think it's interesting that Biglaw comprises of many firms yet from my experienced they're all usually talked about as one. I've heard culture can differ from firm to firm, but are there any other differences you've heard of? Does all associates do pretty the exact same work regardless of which Biglaw firm they go to?

-- EthanSinger - 08 Feb 2021

I really like the convo going on here. Ethan, to your last point, for a lot of practices, there is sort of a one-size-fits-all work scope that you can apply to most Vault100 firms. If you're in M&A, you can pretty much guarantee that your workflow is going to be sporadic with intense ebbs and flows pretty much anywhere you go.

A practice group like Private Investment Funds is likely to have a more consistent workflow, though still corporate. I would say the biggest difference is the "feel" you get from the people, and the firm's policy on flexibility/WFH, etc.

-- AlexanderHohl - 09 Feb 2021

It is hard, though, because why do we all feel this "need" to go to BigLaw? Do we use "paying back our debt" as an excuse for simply wanting that "stamp" and all that comes with it, both real and perceived? What about the folks that truly do enjoy that work and lifestyle... a lot to consider.

-- AlexanderHohl - 09 Feb 2021



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