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What You Didn’t Post, Facebook May Still Know

Interesting and relevant article. The comments after the article are pretty good too. Here's an excerpt:

"In shaping its targeted advertising strategy, it is no longer relying solely on what Facebook users reveal about themselves. Instead, it is tapping into outside sources of data to learn even more about them — and to sell ads that are more finely targeted to them. Facebook says that this way, marketers will be able to reach the right audience for the right products, and consumers will see advertisements that are, as the company calls it, “relevant” to them. In late February, Facebook announced partnerships with four companies that collect lucrative behavioral data, from store loyalty card transactions and customer e-mail lists to divorce and Web browsing records."

The comments after the article are pretty good too, here's one of them:

"If you're old enough, imagine 30 years ago. 1982. Better yet, 40 years ago.

An unknown man comes up to your door with a clip board. Dressed well, but dark shades. You can't really see him.

In a polite manner, he asks you if could ask you some personal questions.

You ask why? He says, we're asking all of your neighbors these questions. "Everyone is doing it".

What's your REAL name (Absolutely required) What's your address? What's your phone number? What's your email address? Your birthday Your sex Where you live Where you went to school Where you work Your hometown

Are you gay or straight? Do you have children?

Tell me more about yourself What are your hobbies? What kind of music do you like? What kind of books do you read? What are your religious views? What are your political views?

He gives you map to show him where you live.

He asks you for a current picture of yourself. Any pictures of yourself. He gives you a folder to put all of these pictures in. He's going to copy them, and return them.

Family pictures. Past and present. Give him all you have.

He gives you as many folders as you want to put all your pictures in. More the merrier.

Who are your friends? Who do you affiliate with? He wants pictures of them too.

Fun isn't it?

And it's free.

Before I go any further, why are you still talking to this man?

30-40 years ago, any responsible, cautious adult would have grabbed a baseball bat or golf club, and run this guy off his or her property and called the police.

There's a new man with a clip board now.

His name is Facebook.

Because everyone is doing it."

-- JonathanKoppell - 28 Mar 2013



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