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The New Yorker profiles DNI Michael McConnell

Hi All - I confess I have never used a "wiki" before, and despite viewing the "tutorial" I still have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. BUT - wanted to point out an article in the January 21st issue of the New Yorker (the one with the woman walking the leopard on the cover). - titled "The Spymaster" it's a profile of Michael McConnell, who became the Director of National Intelligence in February 07 - was previously the head of the NSA. Article covers some of the topics we read about last week - NSA phone surveillance, international surveillance, etc. but gives the government an interesting human face. More for background reading than specific legal ideas, but interesting nonetheless. Most New Yorker articles are posted online for free on their website - though this one is not - but the New Yorker IS available on Nexis, with stories put up about a week after publication date - so this one should be up on Monday. Have a good weekend!

-- LaurenHoward - 25 Jan 2008

Reformatted, added link, and corrected Adm. McConnell's first name.

-- EbenMoglen - 26 Jan 2008



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