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Hi everyone. I am writing to invite you to join a group I have formed, the Law Practice Working Group.

First, since I know some of you, but not all of you, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a 3L, graduating in a few weeks. I took Law in Contemporary Society in the spring of 2010, and Law in the Internet Society in the fall of 2011. I consider both to be among my most valuable educational experiences in law school. After I take the bar this summer, I am going to be working at a small law firm in Manhattan that focuses on land-use and environmental law, which is my primary area of interest.

I am interested in improving my understanding of and skill at practicing law, finding clients, and building a practice. I think it would be really fun and useful to meet and discuss with other law students and young lawyers (both, collectively, “students of the law”) who are also interested in these things. I think Eben's classes are effective at sharpening students' interest in these areas, and that he provides a very useful conceptual toolkit, so I would be particularly interested in talking with any of you all who are interested in these themes.

Concretely, I think it would be nice for those to whom this message appeals to meet for dinner some time this fall and just talk about possibilities. One possibility is that we could make a wiki for the project (which could be open or private). I would like to carry the spirit of creative inquiry from the classroom into professional life, and I think a group like this could provide a good forum.

If you're interested in getting more info about this, drop me an email at dpm2128 at columbia dot edu. I will be absorbed with bar exam matters this summer, but I expect I'll probably send out an email to try to figure out a meeting time sometime in late August or early September.

-- DevinMcDougall - 21 Apr 2012



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