Computers, Privacy & the Constitution
So this is a pretty random question but I was wondering if anyone had heard of the new book In Search of Jefferson's Moose. I stumbled across a mention to it and an associated upcoming forum discussion that looked pretty interesting on the Cato Institute's website. Since this class seemed like at least part of the target demographic for the book I was wondering if anyone had read it yet or new anything about it (or enough to either recommend it or not). The basic idea seems pretty interesting and it certainly appears to be a novel take on studying the workings and regulation of the internet, but then again these types of books can also end up being far more ambitious than good. I'm curious to see if anyone has anything to add about this, or just what people's feelings are about the book, the idea, and the methodology of the author, David Post (who is a Professor at Temple Law School).

Moreover, while talking about the Cato Institute, I thought I'd just quickly share this article from the Wall Street Journal. I know Ayn Rand and her philosophy has come up a few times in Eben's other classes including his 1L elective last year and last term's class, so I thought this was an interesting piece that might provoke some interesting reactions, even if it is somewhat off topic.

-- AlexLawrence - 27 Jan 2009



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