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Possibly of Immediate Interest:

Brief Amicus Curiae of 178 Organizations in Support of Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania, No. 91-744 (US Supreme Court, 1992).

Snowden and the Future, The Guardian, May 27-28, 2014

Snowden And The Future, lectures at Columbia Law School, October 9-December 4, 2013

The FreedomBox Foundation

My testimony before House Energy and Commerce, Dec 3, 2010

Before and After IP: Ownership of Ideas in the 21st Century, Digital Studies Group, CUNY Graduate Center, November 17. 2010 (audio stream). Download: Ogg Vorbis | MP3

GPL Version 3

Die Gedanken Sind Frei: The Free Software Movement and The Struggle for Freedom of Thought, Wizards of OS3, Berlin, June 10, 2004 MP3 Ogg Transcript

Freeing the Mind: Free Software and the Death of Proprietary Culture, Fourth Annual Technology and Law Conference, University of Maine Law School, Portland, June 29, 2003 PostScript PDF

The dotCommunist Manifesto, January 2003 PostScript PDF [German trans. by Gerrit Gohlke] [French trans. by Pierre-Yves Gibello][Serbo-Croatian trans. by Tomislav Medak][Dutch trans. by Kasper Souren][Spanish trans. by Oscar Palacios][Italian trans. by Emanuele Rocca]

The DotCommunist Manifesto: How Culture Became Property and What We're Going to Do About It, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, University Program in Cultural Studies, November 8, 2001

Anarchism Triumphant: Free Software and the Death of Copyright, First Monday, August 1999 [PostScript] [German translation by Andreas von Bonin] [French translation by Jerome Dominguez][Italian translation by Francesco Paparella][Hungarian translation by Szabó Balász]

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Columbia Law School

Software Freedom Law Center


Network RePublications

A Vigil For Thurgood Marshall, 93 Colum. L. Rev. 1061 (1993). PostScript

Judge Weinfeld, A Recollection PostScript

In Memoriam, Kellis Parker, 1942-2000

The Invisible Barbecue, 97 Colum. L. Rev. 945 (1997). PostScript PDF

Considering Zenger: Partisan Politics and the Legal Profession in Colonial New York, 94 Colum. L. Rev. 1495 (1994). PostScript PDF

Holmes's Legacy and the New Constitutional History, 108 Harv. L. Rev. 2027 (1995). PostScript

The Incompleat Burkean: Bruce Ackerman's New Constitutional History, 5 Yale J. Law & Humanities 532 (1993). PostScript

The Transformation of Morton Horwitz, 93 Colum. L. Rev. 1042 (1993). PostScript

Legal Fictions and Common Law Legal Theory: Some Historical Reflections, 10 Tel-Aviv Univ. Stud. in L. 35 (1991). PostScript

Free Software Matters

An ancient monthly column in LinuxUser magazine

Free Software and the Broadcast Media, II, January 2003 PostScript PDF

Free Software and the Broadcast Media, December 2002 PostScript PDF

Free Government, II, October 2002 PostScript PDF

Free Government, September 2002 PostScript PDF

Untrustworthy Computing, July 2002 PostScript PDF

Security Through Freedom, June 2002 PostScript PDF

Exploring the Frontiers of Unfreedom, May 2002 PostScript PDF

More Menace from the Mouse, March 2002 PostScript PDF

Shaking Up the Microsoft Settlement, January 2002 PostScript PDF

Patently Controversial, October 2001 PostScript PDF

Enforcing the GPL, I, August 2001 PostScript PDF

Enforcing the GPL, II, September 2001 PostScript PDF [Korean trans. by Song Chang-hun]

Free Software Matters: Enforcing the GPL, I, August 2001 PostScript PDF

Microsoft Before the Earthquake, June 2001 PostScript PDF

Microsoft Strikes Back, May 2001 PostScript PDF

The Public's Business, April 2001 PostScript PDF [Korean trans. by Song Chang-hun]

Software Keeps Music Free, February 2001 PostScript PDF

Free Software or Open Source?, January 2001 PostScript PDF

Property, 3s; Barbed Wire, 8s, December 2000 PostScript PDF

The Patent Problem, November 2000

Our New Frontiers,October 2000

Microsoft, Antitrust, and the Movement, September 2000

Linux, the DVD, and the Law, July 2000

When Code Isn't Law, May 2000 PostScript PDF [Japanese translation by yomoyomo] [Korean trans. by Song Chang-hun]

Speeches and Interviews

The DotCommunist Manifesto: How Culture Became Property and What We're Going to Do About It, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, University Program in Cultural Studies, November 8, 2001

Entertainment Companies Have a Lot to Lose If Government Cracks Down on Security Systems, Inside.com, September 21, 2001

Against Honor and Freedom of the Press, University of Montevideo, May 3, 2001 PostScript PDF

The Encryption Wars, Cabinet Magazine, Issue 1, December 2000 PostScript PDF

Swap or Steal: The Fate of Napster (Debate with Steven Metalitz), Justice Talking, November 2000

The Empire Strikes Back: Free Software Meets the Mouse Menace, A Free Information Ecology in the Digital Environment, The Information Law Institute at New York University Law School, April 1, 2000

Justice: Past & Present, National Public Radio, Weekend Edition Saturday, January 16, 1999

Antitrust History and the Microsoft Trial, Radio Nation, December 16, 1998

So Much For Savages, Comments on Encryption Policy, NYU Law School, November 19, 1998 (revised). PostScript

The Virtual Scholar and Network Liberation, Association of American Law Schools, New Orleans, 5 January 1995 (undelivered). PostScript

American Federalisms: The Structure of 18C North American Law, American Society for Legal History, Atlanta, 9 February 1990. PostScript


The Supreme Court Loses the Election, MSNBC.com, January 1, 2001 PostScript PDF

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