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TWiki System Requirements

Server and client system requirements of TWiki 01-Sep-2001


Maintaining minimum client and server requirements is necessary to keep TWiki deployment as broad as possible.

Server-Side Requirements

TWiki is written in Perl 5 and uses a number of shell commands. It requires GNU RCS (Revision Control System) to be installed on the same system. TWiki is developed in a standard Linux/Apache environment. It can also work with Microsoft Windows and other platforms.

Required Server Environment
Resource Unix Windows
Perl 5.005_03 or higher
Non standard Perl modules Net::SMTP (or sendmail) Net::SMTP, MIME::Base64, Digest::SHA1
RCS 5.7 or higher
Other external programs ls, fgrep, egrep
Web server Apache; others (with support for CGI, authentication, extended path) *

Current documentation covers Linux only. Compiling a basic TWikiOnWindows installation guide is an ongoing effort.

Client-Side Requirements

The TWiki standard installation has extremely low browser requirements:

  • HTML 3.2 compliant
  • minimal use of JavaScript in the user interface (degrades gracefully)
  • no cookies
  • no CSS

TWiki generates XHTML 1.0 code as long as it is compatible with HTML 3.2.

Known Issues

  • The new TWikiPlugins feature currently does not have any compatibility guidelines for developers. Plugins can require just about anything: browser-specific functions, stylesheets (CSS), Java, cookies, etc.

-- MikeMannix? - 29 Aug 2001



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