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There is only one planet that we live in and we better take care of it. That's my motto for environment awareness that I use in my web content freelance writer work for the website of a non-government organization involved in raising awareness for environmental and nature preservation issues. Our NGO is involved in issues for climate change, endangered plants and animals, pollution and other issues.

I like sports and arts alot. Whenever I create sample essays I often attach my interest and knowledge about arts and sports as examples. I was also able to apply my experiences in sports and art as my guide.

I sing in corporate events, parties, and other special events. I sing many kinds of songs, but my specialties are mellow and pop, and classical music. I am like a one-woman show because I also do some of the public relations for the events where I sing. I also have an online writing job from my own website where I advertise my freelance writing job skills and specialisations.

Trash.FirstName: Julie
LastName: Kroll



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