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If you are looking for an expert partner you can trust to can maximize your investments, to reduce your IT management costs, to create operational efficiencies and excellence and to get you closer to your customers and your business goals, our outsourcing service is your solution.

With Neoob, you will gain and maintain a competitive advantage, because it is our priority. Neoob offers a range of outsourcing solutions to optimize service levels, reduce and improve cost structures, and strengthen competitive positioning.

Complete web offshore outsource solution for your company needs

Professional attitude Quality service Exceptional design Affordable price Better experience

Why outsource your web solution?

Better direct resources to improve internal and external service levels Improve business results by focusing on your core business Accelerate time-to-benefit through streamlined implementation and improved business processes Reduce operating costs, including upfront and ongoing capital investments Eliminate the need to hire, train, retain, and manage a large IT staff Effectively maintain safe and secure technology infrastructures with worry-free support, operations, maintenance, upgrades, and disaster recovery services

What to Outsource?

Any type of web design and development related work for Internet or Intranet User interface design and development Graphics, multimedia and Flash related works

Why Neoob as your Outsourcing partner?

Successful project completion record for many Outsourcing projects A team of dynamic and enthusiastic developers with history of rapid, flexible response Superior internet knowledge and experience Robust infrastructure and proven human communication processes to meet the needs of our global customers Best design and best solution Core expertises in PHP, Java, .NET, MySQL? , SQL Server, Ajax, HTML, CSS, JavaScript? , Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator... We maintain complete confidentiality for other web design companies outsourcing their client projects

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