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Al Gomez is a certified Search Engine Expert from Dlinkers who has able to pass the 2011 search engine professional rating of SEOCERTIFICATION.ORG. He is the man behind the quality link building strategy of Dlinkers. And with the current updates he also experience working in finding ways to survive over the updates.

He always proves to his work that with perseverance and dedication you can able to achieve your goals in life wherein on his younger years he has able to support his education independently and experience also to become an employee before founding Dlinkers wherein he worked as instructor in computer education subjects at ACSI Business and Computer School and South Coast International School. Then he also experience becoming an employee in one BPO companies that started his career on search engine optimization and as a webmasters.

Aside from search engine optimization, he is also maintaining his own blog the AlSEOblog wherein you can able to know more about him and get his insights and tips about the updates



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