Law in the Internet Society

I came across this article and was instantly able to draw parallels between the idea of technological justice and topics we have been discussing in class. The role of algorithms in the justice system, in my opinion, highlight the extraordinary step change in the power of machines. The influence of technology is much faster than our ability as humans to adapt, reconsider, or even reshape the efficiency of our laws and law enforcing institutions.

While I agree that the bail system's status quo is flawed, I am weary of the over-dependence on technologically reliant forms of analyses in the courtroom. What role do you think a tool like this (PSA) can play in the justice system?

The article mentions a lawsuit filed by the mother of young man (Christian Rodgers) who was allegedly murdered by Jules Black. Jules Black was released without bail - a decision that was unduly influenced by the algorithmic determination made by the PSA tool.

"There’s an argument to be made that an over-reliance on the algorithm may have impeded the court’s decision to release Black. Then again, one could counter that under the old system, Black would have made bail regardless. He had, after all, already been in and out of jail 28 times. He had bought his way out before. He could probably do it again. Under the new system, that’s not how it works."

-- MadihaZahrahChoksi - 07 Oct 2017



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