Law in the Internet Society
EDIT: I've set up a wiki for this study group here.


Hi everyone. A group of us met for a few minutes after class today to talk about ways to work together to study the matters addressed by this course, the intersection of law, technology, and politics, after the semester ends.

We decided to start an email list, and decided to meet in early January in person to talk about things to study together and how to study together. In the intervening weeks, once finals are over, we can talk over the email list and reflect on what we have learned so far.

If you'd like to join this email list, please write your email on this wiki page.

One thing that I am interested in studying is how to make a wiki quickly and easily. I think a good first project as group might be to learn how to take server space and build a wiki on it, and then use that wiki to study and make more things together. I think this capability of easily setting up a wiki for collaboration would be useful for law practice in the future.

I am open to other ideas as well, of course.

-- DevinMcDougall - 09 Dec 2011


It is a good idea to post our e-mails here?

-- ShawnFetty - 09 Dec 2011

I'd be interested (think you already have my email, but

I've used mediawiki before to coordinate oscar/NCAA predictions + bets with friends, but haven't really played around with the customization features or extensions. The default implementation is fairly simple to set up.

-- CrystalMao - 09 Dec 2011

Happy to be involved -

-- ThomasHou - 09 Dec 2011

Great idea, sign me up! My email is my first name - dot - last name at Thanks.

-- BahradSokhansanj - 10 Dec 2011

Sign me in!

-- DiegodelaPuente - 15 Dec 2011

I am interested - mrL2141@columbia

Happy holidays!

-- MiaLee - 21 Dec 2011



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