Law in the Internet Society
On 11/16, the Republican Study Committee released a policy brief titled "Three Myths about Copyright Law and Where to Start to Fix it." Within 24 hours it was taken down, presumably after three visits from Jack Valenti's ghost.

While it's nice to see one of the parties tackling copyright from an ideological perspective, the ability of the entertainment industries to strongarm them into line within hours speaks to how little hope there is for a legislative end to indefinite copyright. And with Justice Breyer past 70 come 2019, there's potential the next CTEA (perhaps named after Lars Ulrich?) earns unanimous approval in the Court, if it even gets cert. What can we do to help things change direction for the better?

EDIT: My upload doesn't seem to have worked. Try this Scribd link instead.

-- MatthewCollins - 18 Nov 2012

And on the Privacy front, now this.

EDIT: Looks like CNET jumped a little early.

-- MatthewCollins - 20 Nov 2012

Well, at least we have this on the privacy front.

-- MatthewCollins - 05 Dec 2012



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