Law in the Internet Society
This TED talk illustrates how Facebook and Google edit the stuff that shows up on your news feed and your searches. The speaker talks about what it means to have the Web mediated like that, and how it is largely invisible to most users. Really interesting. I think this sort of ties to our discussion about how "platforms" try to control and mediate access to the network in order to extract rents. Seriously, watch this video. Only takes about 10 minutes.

-- DevinMcDougall - 29 Sep 2011

Interesting talk. Similarly, there's a Guardian article that talks about Facebook's OpenGraph? and why we, as users with unpaid web presences, are part of the new "web underclass." Of course, I got to the article by allowing the Guardian app to access my FB account and post my reading activity on my wall.

-- MiaLee - 29 Sep 2011



Webs Webs

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