Law in the Internet Society
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Is it necessary that mobile platforms be under control of private companies or public entities? A vision to the future

-- By DiegodelaPuente - 29 Sep 2011

Section I

Last Sunday I was having a dinner conversation with my eight year old son, when he asked me if he and his friends could build and operate a mobile platform like the ones he sees in the advertisements. It was an obviously unusual question, but it arise because one of my son's friend wanted to help his father because he had been working until very late in the recent days in a telecommunications company.

I proposed my self to help Santiago, that is my kid's name, but we must solve the intrigue together, so there were Santiago and in front of a very complicated matter. We decided

Which are the incentives?

Subsection A

The benefits that private companies provide

Subsub 1

Subsection B

The benefits that public entities could provide

Subsub 1

Subsub 2

Section II

What is the best alternative for society?

Subsection A

Subsection B


As one can have identified from the arguments stated above, Santiago and his friends, with a little help, could build and operate a mobile platform. The new question that arises is why do people do not try to do it for themselves?

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