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Hi all - I am an alum of this class, and one of my friends is organizing a crypto-party which will take place this Thursday evening (sorry for the short notice!) that I thought might be of interest to some of you, since it concerns the application of tools addressed in this course.

See below for details. I will be there, and will be contributing "pretty good pancakes" to the bake-off. Feel free to email devin at devinmcdougall dot org if you have any questions.


Cryptoparty. Encryption instruction. Party. Edutainment. Crypto-themed bake-off.

Thursday, Nov 6 at 7:30pm

Babycastles 137 West 14th St, New York, New York

**pgp/gpg***otr chat***key signing***noms**

Bring your laptop, smartphone, or flashdrive, your desire to encrypt your emails and chat (or desire to know why you should), your pgp key if you already have one, your tech security questions and knowledge, your friends that you want to communicate securely with, your worst encryption/security/privacy themed dessert puns, and best baked goods (because there will be prizes).

This event is up a couple flights of stairs (not accessible, sorry). $5-20 sliding scale, but no one turned away. These tools are important for all of us. [Per this listing - looks like there is another cryptoparty Dec 8 at the Brooklyn public library - though I don't know who is organizing it]

Bake off update: There will be two categories of competition: 1. Best named 2. Best tasting Your entry does not need to be a baked item, just some kind of food/ food-like substance. You do not need to make it yourself, though of course props if you do. Please label your entry with its ingredients and recipe source if applicable.

Co-sponsored by the Next Generation Committee of the NYC chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, and Babycastles.

-- DevinMcDougall - 05 Nov 2014



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