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Notes on Revisions

I have tried in my comments on your writing to offer directed suggestions for improvement. These are only suggestions: the writing is yours, and it's up to you to decide how to make it better. But except in the few instances where I have found no way to suggest improvement to something already excellent—a misfortune that limits the possible "improvement" component of the grade—everyone should make a revised draft.

In the wiki, the most convenient way to revise is to wipe out the old draft and put your new draft on top. The "History" function then allows me to see all the differences among versions conveniently, making it easier for me to review your changes.

Often, in response to your first draft, I have suggested an approach to the second draft that changes your viewpoint. Such a suggestion ("how about if you write a draft from the point of view of someone who thinks [in this or that particular way] differently") is intended to bring about an imaginative shift, for the length of the exercise, not to force a change of opinion or commitment on your part. Sometimes, nonetheless, it is valuable to write from another point of view, no matter how stoutly we preserve our own.

I will be away from May 12 to June 1, doing some writing of my own. Your revisions are due June 1. That means, for this part of the process, you are on your own.

-- EbenMoglen - 11 May 2017


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