Computers, Privacy & the Constitution

Parts Nine and Fourteen:
All Privacy and Autonomy Rights Reserved


Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U.S. 479 (Goldberg, J., concurring)

Laurence H. Tribe, The Constitution in Cyberspace: Law and Liberty Beyond the Electronic Frontier, 1991

Rights to Privacy - Examples

Privacy Protections in State Constitutions, National Conference of State Legislatures

Spanish Constitution, Section 18, last amended 1992

Slovenia Constitution, Articles 35-38, last amended 2003

The Data Protection Directive, EU Directive 95/46/EC, October 24, 1995

Australian Privacy Act of 1988, Information Privacy Principles, Applies to government agencies

Australian Privacy Act Amendments of 2000, National Privacy Principles, Applies to private sector businesses

Australian Privacy Act Amendments of 2014, Australian Privacy Principles, Applies to government agencies and private sector businesses

Associated Press, German court restricts government's use of software to spy on computers, Applies to government agencies

State v. Reid, N.J. Supreme Court, April 21, 2008.

Edited to fix broken links (Spanish Constitution, Slovenian Constitution, State v. Reid), misdirected links (Australian Privacy Act of 1988, Australian Privacy Act Amendments of 2000), and add the Australian Privacy Act Amendments of 2014 which merged and modified the Information Privacy Principles and National Privacy Principles.

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