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  • 4.28.2020 entry
I cannot seem to locate the page where folks were posting that their GPG keys were working (if there was such a page for the first tech assignment). My key E578AD48F7C5741ED64E96C663A040714F6964CA? is now published for the identity See screenshot below.

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Also, on a different note, I have been wondering why and how Zoom became the default meeting application during the pandemic. Given the security issues it has had (and the vast privacy vulnerabilities it presents), I am concerned and very weary to use the application. Not that I know whether other applications like Google Hangouts or Skype are any less vulnerable to hacking, I wonder why other platforms did not become as ubiquitous as Zoom. Do you have a sense as to how and why this happened? I'd be happy to take a look at any supplemental readings you can direct me to on this topic. Take care, Mari. ---

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