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KupuContrib 1 - 16 Jan 2007 - Main.TWikiContributor
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Integration of the OSCOM Kupu WYSIWYG editor with TWiki.


The integration uses the TWiki:Plugins.WysiwygPlugin to translate text to and from a format that Kupu can edit.

Caveat: KupuContrib is designed for editing TWiki topics, not as a general purpose HTML editor. It will work fine on topics that contain text, TML formatting, and most HTML. However, because of the complexity of transforming TML into HTML and back, complex TML, and mixing HTML and TML may not give the results you expect. You are recommended to use the standard browser textarea editor for editing existing topics that contain mixed HTML and TML, or complex %TML%-type variables.

How to use the editor

Basic help for most of the functions in the toolbar is available by "hovering" the mouse over the button. Some functions require a bit more explanation:
  • "Insert No-Op" inserts a <nop> region. Any TWiki syntax such as wikiwords or variables inside the region will be disabled in the rgeion. $lt;nop> regions may not extend over line breaks.
  • The rightmost drop-down will give you a menu of TWiki variables that can be inserted. Any of these variables can be edited after they have been placed in the text, for example to add parameters.
  • "Insert a WikiWord" will give you a menu of topics in the current web that can be inserted. Topics are inserted as links, though typing wikiwords in plain text will work just as well.
  • Watch out for the <> button on the right of the toolbar. It lets you switch into an HTML view, which can be very useful when you can't get your formatting right.
  • In TWiki, a totally empty table cell causes the cell to be merged with the cell immediately to the left. To make this effect more transparent in the editor, these empty cells are shown with the text "%SPAN%" in them. In Kupu, if you add %SPAN% to a table cell, then all the rest of the content will be thrown away and the cell will be converted to an empty table cell. Note that this only applies to tables that are converted to TWiki syntax.

Kupu Notes

The version of Kupu shipped with this plugin is an uncustomised basic Kupu release. All the TWikification is done as plugins and extensions to Kupu - the basic kupu code is shipped completely intact.

Installation Instructions

You do not need to install anything in the browser to use this extension. The following instructions are for the administrator who installs the extension on the server where TWiki is running.

Like many other TWiki extensions, this module is shipped with a fully automatic installer script written using the BuildContrib.

  • If you have TWiki 4.1 or later, and Perl 5.8, you can install from the configure interface (Go to Plugins->Find More Extensions)
    • The webserver user has to have permission to write to all areas of your installation for this to work.
  • If you have a permanent connection to the internet (and Perl 5.8), you are recommended to use the automatic installer script
    • Just download the KupuContrib_installer perl script and run it.
  • Notes:
    • The installer script will:
      • Automatically resolve dependencies,
      • Copy files into the right places in your local install (even if you have renamed data directories),
      • check in new versions of any installed files that have existing RCS histories files in your existing install (such as topics).
      • If the $TWIKI_PACKAGES environment variable is set to point to a directory, the installer will try to get archives from there. Otherwise it will try to download from twiki.org or cpan.org, as appropriate.
      • (Developers only: the script will look for twikiplugins/KupuContrib/KupuContrib.tgz before downloading from TWiki.org)
    • If you don't have a permanent connection, you can still use the automatic installer, by downloading all required TWiki archives to a local directory.
      • Point the environment variable $TWIKI_PACKAGES to this directory, and the installer script will look there first for required TWiki packages.
        • $TWIKI_PACKAGES is actually a path; you can list several directories separated by :
      • If you are behind a firewall that blocks access to CPAN, you can build a local CPAN mini-mirror, as described at http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Codev/BuildingDakar#CPAN_local_minimirror
  • If you don't want to use the installer script, or have problems on your platform (e.g. you don't have Perl 5.8), then you can still install manually:
    1. Download and unpack one of the .zip or .tgz archives to a temporary directory.
    2. Manually copy the contents across to the relevant places in your TWiki installation.
    3. Check in any installed files that have existing ,v files in your existing install (take care not to lock the files when you check in)
    4. Manually edit LocalSite.cfg to set any configuration variables.
    5. Run configure and enable the module, if it is a plugin.
    6. Repeat from step 1 for any missing dependencies.

Do not forget to enable the WysiwygPlugin in configure or it won't work.

  • To enable the editor in one of your skins, add the following link to the skin alongside or in place of the existing 'edit' link:
    <a href="%SCRIPTURLPATH%/edit%SCRIPTSUFFIX%/%WEB%/%TOPIC%?skin=kupu">Kupu</a>
    As you can see this is just a standard edit link with the 'kupu' skin in place of the usual edit skin. Here it is for this topic: Kupu. Try clicking on it, but do not save!

If you are using TWiki-4.0.0 or later with pattern skin, the %COMPOSER% global TWiki variable is used to control the skin used for the WYSIWYG editor link. You can define this variable to the empty string to disable WYSIWYG editing on a site, per-web, per-user or per-topic basis. Set COMPOSER to kupu to enable this module.

Other Settings

See also: WysiwygPlugin for other settings that affect this contrib. Note especially the WYSIWYGSKIN, which should be set to kupu for this contrib to work correctly.

The editor template includes a number of files that can be used for other settings. These files are not included in the distribution, so that you can easily create your own local content.


You can define a list of icons that will be available in the Kupu editor when the smiley.png toolbar button is pressed. This topic has to contain a list of <IMG> tags. If present, the 'alt' text will be used in place of the <IMG> tag when translating from HTML to TML. Example:
   <img src="%PUBURL%/TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics/tip.gif" />
   <img src="%PUBURL%/TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics/warning.gif" />
   <img src="%PUBURL%/TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics/pencil.gif" />
   <img src="%PUBURL%/TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics/choice-yes.gif" />
   <img src="%PUBURL%/TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics/updated.gif" />
   <img src="%PUBURL%/TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics/help.gif" />
   <img src="%PUBURL%/TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics/new.gif" />
   <img src="%PUBURL%/TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics/starred.gif" />
   <img src="%PUBURL%/TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics/arrowright.gif" />


You can also define a list of strings that will be available for insertion in topics using the strings.png toolbar button. This topic has to contain a list of HTML 'option' tags. Example:
   <option value='-- <nop>%WIKIUSERNAME% - %DATE%'>Signature</option>
   <option value="%<nop>WIKINAME%">Wiki name (variable)</option>
   <option value='%<nop>SEARCH{"search for"}%'>Inline search (variable)</option>
   <option value='%<nop>INCLUDE{"topic or url"}%'>Include (variable)</option>
   <option value="%<nop>TOC%"> Table of Contents (variable)</option>
   <option value="%<nop>TOPIC%">Topic (variable)</option>
   <option value="%<nop>WEB%">Web (variable)</option>
   <option value="%<nop>DATE%"> Date (variable)</option>
The bit between the > < value defines text in the drop-down box in the editor, and the value defines the actual string inserted in the topic.


If it exists, the contents of this topic will be included and shown on the edit screen below the status bar. It is intended to be used for site-specific quick help information.

Known problems

Can't undo all functions (Kupu + browser)

Due to limitations in the browser support for editing, not all functions can be undone. Also, the undo buffer can be cleared unexpectedly during editing, especially when using Internet Explorer.

Because of limitations in the browsers, the editor does not support PRE blocks. All PRE blocks will be converted to TWiki verbatim blocks on save. This can cause some confusion, especially when editor formatting controls (such as "bold") have been used to format text in a PRE block. Users are advised to use only plain text in PRE (verbatim) blocks.

No Safari support

Kupu does not work on Safari.

Contrib Info

This contrib is heavily based on the TWiki::Plugins.KupuEditorAddOn, and the authors of that add-on are therefore also credited as authors of this plugin.

Contrib Author: TWiki:Main.CrawfordCurrie http://www.c-dot.co.uk (from original work by TWiki:Main.RomainRaugi, TWiki:Main.DamienMandrioli, TWiki:Main.FredericLuddeni, and TWiki:Main.ColasNahaboo)
Copyright © ILOG 2005 http://www.ilog.fr
License GPL (Gnu General Public License)
Contrib Version: 12392
Change History:
<-- versions below in reverse order -->
12119 Split out of WysiwygPlugin
11538 Minor doc updates, minor fixes to spacing in lists, integrated Koen Marten's template topic patch
9671 Item2025 corrected handling of SPAN and FONT tags used for colour changes
9566 Item1890 doc update
9565 Item1890 Item1041 Item944 Much more aggressive cleanup of HTML pasted in from external sources. Excessively verbose HTML (e.g. from Outlook) was causing apparent infinite looing behaviour.
8867 Item1176 commented out Cairo version of header handler
8780 Item1625 disable expansion of twiki variables in urls where there are other twiki variables that can't be expanded
8779 Item1530 support for templatetopic when editing new topics
8592 Item1532 WysiwygPlugin: Added two more do-not-edit-if-topic-contains parameters, pre+comments
8590 Item1532 WysiwygPlugin: Kenneths suggestion on proper handling of HTML comments (incl. change to kupu)
8572 Item1529 evil, evil. The XMLSerializer in IE isn't happy serializing the DOM. I have no idea why. Kupu manages to get away with this because it passes the DOM through the XML validator, which I had to disable because it strips comments. So, for now, the IE implementation will strip comments - but at least you can save again
8538 Item1501 table handling was a bit spazzy. Several problems fixed.
8535 Item1518 moved icon and string lists into topics, updated screenshot
8531 Item1392 reversed the sense of the navigate-away condition, again
8466 Item1486 added WYSIWYG_EXCLUDE to allow exclusion of 'uneditable' content
8463 Item1486 was stripping comments, wrongly. Had to disable the kupu filters completely, they just do too much damage.
8401 Item1457 corrected problem with bullet list at top of topic
8388 Item1445 fix for a javascript error, introduced by previous fix
8387 Item1445 small usability improvements
8334 Item663 TWiki.org doc merge: Fix incorrect link to kupu website
8327 Item1411 handle case of the result of a TWiki variable being nopped
8312 Item1317 wrong result returned from generation function when expanding HTML embedded in verbatim block
8301 Item1397 removed excess space after sqaub links
8300 Item1231 added %SPAN% to indicate a spanned-over cell in the editor. Improved handling of HTML in verbatim tags by inserting line breaks is the tag type calls for it, before removing the HTML.
8276 Item1215 added WYSIWYG_ICONS and WYSIWYG_TAGS to support user customisation of icon images and twiki variables that can be inserted
8274 Item1314 debugging in case the hang happens again; and made sure to default the editor just in case
8273 Item1315 short forms must be terminated by one of the same characters that terminate wikiwords
8272 Item1391 added special interpretation of IMG tags to expand selected TWiki variables within SRC attributes
8271 Item1340 refined handling of NOP to cover abbrevs
8270 Item1311 removed excess space inserted in headings
8269 Item1339 changed from using arbitrary attribute for notoc to a new CSS class. Arbitrary attributes are stripped by Kupu before save.
8268 Item1344 strip ^Ms inserted by Sarissa during serialisation on IE
8267 Item1394 still can't get text styles to work properly in IE; but I am now firmly of the opinion that the fault lies with the browser, and not with Kupu.
8232 Item1341 added appropriate CSS class
8152 Item1313 added caveat about editing complex HTML and mixed HTML-TML
8151 Item1334 headers not handled properly in Cairo version
8108 Item1318 corrected table/list parser for tables embedded in bulleted lists
8106 Item1310 support for <nop/>
8105 Item1317 support for limited case of nopped variable
8104 Item1320 corrected interpretation of relative URL path in [[]]
8091 Item1259 changed comment handling; rather than trying to create HTML, which gets munged, create an HTML comment. This will only be editable by switching to source view, but hey, it's supposed to be WYSIWYG. Note that this also means that comments in pasted HTML should be retained now
8063 Item1042 spec of SCRIPTURL changed
7904 Item1189 reverting accidental checkin of experimental code
7903 Item1189 filter whitelist is not good enough; need to generate B and I nodes. templates/ pub/TWiki/WysiwygPlugin
7902 Item1189 it took bloody ages to track down, but finally discovered that bold and italic were being filtered out of spans by Kupu 1.3.2.... too smart for it's own good. So added them to the filter whitelist, and it works again.
7873 Item1189 added pre save filter to try and find where the attributes are disappearing to in FF
7872 Item1187 for lack of an s on an RE, the nation was lost (well, the multi-line comment actually). Thanks Kenneth!
7871 Item859 solved issue with non-display of inserted images. Was due to the use of an onSubmit handler to close the dialog, rather than an onLoad handler triggered when the IFRAME that contains the result is loaded.
7869 Item1172 had to rewrite big chunk of the table popup to get it working with 1.3.2
7858 Item1151 rewrote link handlings stuff to leverage browser better
7854 Item1175 escape wikiwords within squabs
7815 Item1158 works for Cairo now as well
7814 Item1158 first implementation of AJAX interface to allow selectoin of topics from other webs
7812 Item1154 removed non-existent scull.gif
7811 Item1155 added extra recursion block, as Item1155 suggests it is needed
7801 Item1042 All sorts of clever tricks to handle expansion/compression of a subset of TWiki variables when they are used in URLs. Not a complete solution, but better than it was.
7799 Item1024 caught out by recursive call to beforeCommonTagsHandler in Cairo (nasty)
7798 Item1042 whoops, broke \t conversion in Cairo
7789 Item1140 testcase for 1140
7788 Item1140 fix rewriting of img src urls (and updated MANIFEST for Kupu1.3.2)
7786 Item1042 extensive improvements to variable and URL recognition and conversion
7766 Item856 added doc on EDIT_SKIN to the plugin
7712 Item1074 upgrade to Kupu 1.3.2 complete (at last)
7710 Item1074 Fixed source edit mode
7709 Item1074 tidied up broken toolbar. There are still known issues
7700 Item1074 first pass at moving to Kupu 1.3.2.
7673 Item1037 insert wikiword only if selection is zero length
7672 Item977 changed to remove dangerous Cairo-based assumption, and use context ids instead
7630 Item1025 added 'escape clause' for old handlers implemented to support old TWiki releases without warnings
7506 Item941 Eliminated the last of the dynamic globals to try and solve saving problem. Can;t test with mod_perl, but is fine with speedycgi AFAICT
7456 Item873 minor issue; replace br with \n in pre
7455 Item873 obvious problem parsing closing pre tag on same line as open tag
7453 Item710 Handling HTML comments
7452 Item876 Item945: Item876: spacing around table cells, correct handling of variables. Had to compromise on handling [[]] but I think it's for the best.
7430 Item871 made sure that brackets are generated for non-wikiwords
7425 Item928 removed special interpretation of mailto links
7424 Item866 extended URL parsing to handle MAINWEB and TWIKIWEB twiki variables, in the same hacky way as the core.
7416 Item870 a couple of corner-cases for correct handling of twiki variables
7401 Item899 changed list generation to use spaces instead of tabs
7265 Item180 removed pointless, outdated dependency check from DateFieldPlugin?
6935 Item622 reverted 3 specs to tabs in Set lines in plugins topics for kompatterbility with Kigh-roe
6905 Item622 tabs -> 3 spacesto avoid confusing the users
6850 Item638 added instruction to run configure to all install docs (I hope)
6827 Item569 added default RELEASE to everything that had a version, and removed a load of dead code that was getting in the way
6758 Item569 computed version numbers for plugins from the repository rev they were built from.
6504 Item436 incremented vernos of all changed plugins
6485 Item429 trying to make access controls clearer
6401 Item340 re-initialisation bug found by ColasNahaboo? when using mod_perl; fixed by correctly re-initialising the parse stack for each run of the convertor
6284 Item340 Release 0.16 of WysiwygPlugin
6279 Item340 bugfixes for release 0.16 of WysiwygPlugin
6261 Item335 Switched PNGs to indexed mode, as transparency doesn't work on IE for RGB images
6238 Item332 Added context identifier to WysiwygPlugin, and a button to the pattern view template. If WysiwygPlugin is enabled, then the button will appear. Neat, huh?
6195 Item196 getting plugin test suites to pass. Doesn't mean the plugins actually work, just that the test suites run (which is a good indicator)
6174 Item168 checkpoint checking for 0.16
6151 Item186 more minor updates
6150 Item168 new icons, and a couple of bugfixes, to WysiwygPlugin
6092 Item196 more plugin and contrib fixes for develop; mainly just moving tests around and making sure they all pass.
6067 Item138 had to change to using beforeCommonTagsHandler and also escape % signs to prevent TWiki from rendering internal tags (as reported by Colas)
5979 Item168 corrected stupid error on IE; added screenshot
5977 Item168 release 0.13
5948 Item168 nearly ready for 0.13
5937 Item168 corrected images, twikified all images
5936 Item168 the import from cvs has screwed images
5934 Item168 twikified icon images, and renamed some images to be more intention-revealing
5739 0.12 beta release
5730 V0.11
5714 Tidied up installer, documentation. Release 0.10
5712 pre-release 0.06
5706 Version 0.05
5705 Checkpoint checking - version 0.03
5702 cvsrmtee old files
5701 Check in for prototype release
5700 Check in for prototype release
5699 Checkpoint
5698 Most of the toolboxes are working again
5693 Initial commit; doesn't do much except run tests
TWiki::Plugins::WysiwygPlugin>=11539Translator module
Contrib Home: http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/KupuContrib
Feedback: http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/KupuContribDev
Appraisal: http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/KupuContribAppraisal

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