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Since potential layoffs at law firms during the current economic downturn is something we have discussed a fair amount in class, I thought I would post this link to an article with accompanying commentary, from the Above the Law Blog. It is regarding the situation around the termination of an attorney at a large law firm that I think might be something that we could all take note of and maybe discuss here. The extensive commentary on the blog about the situation is also I think very informative about the values and concerns that we have been discussing in class. Here is the link:

-- JustinKim - 07 May 2008

Yeah, I read this article yesterday. It is interesting to think about 1)whether the circumstances are as the woman describes (getting laid off after a miscarriage)--the implications of that--and 2) the amount of reactions to her willingness to "go public"/ not accept the severance hush money. Will we all get herded into firms just to find our job in jeopardy (before the typical three-year exodus) only to confront the questions we're grappling with now? Seems like it.

-- MiaWhite - 07 May 2008

The most telling part of this whole story - to me - is the way we talk about it. I hear a lot of "that will certainly hurt their recruiting," but not a lot of "I can't believe they would do such a thing." But I guess no one should be shocked. These law firms aren't social clubs or families or a place to safely blossom into the best darn lawyer you can be. We know what they are. What is shocking - or perhaps disconcerting or even heart wrenching - is that we are willing to put up with it for a few more dollars a day.

That Paul Hastings handles employment cases (on Cerierre's side) is, I guess, to be expected.

-- AdamCarlis - 07 May 2008

Is there a reason why law firms can't switch to the corporate structure? (I'm thinking of the benefits of SEC statements here)

-- KateVershov - 07 May 2008



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