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Table Plugin

Gives extra control off table display:

  • Allows sorting
  • Changing background colour for header cells
  • Changing background colour for data cells - colours can alternate
  • Behaviour can be specified for a specific table using %TABLE{...}% or with global preferences

Global Preferences

  • Set DEBUG to on to get debug messages in data/debug.txt. Default: off
    • Set DEBUG = on
  • Colour for header cells ('*'s around text). Default: #99CCCC
    • #Set HEADER_BG = red
  • #Set DATA_BG = #C8CB8F,#DBDDB5
  • #Set SORT = attachments
  • Set SORT = all
  • #Set SORT = none

  • Set SHORTDESCRIPTION = Control sorting and colours for table display


Click on column heading text to sort by a column. Initial column will be sorted in descending order, click again to get ascending order. The type of data in the cell is determined automatically:

  • date if format is:
    • dd MMM YYY - hh:mm
    • dd-MMM-YY or dd-MM-YYYY (can be / or space in place of -)
    • MMM is Jan, Feb, etc
  • number is digits, with optional decimal point
  • otherwise treated as text

Per table settings

On line before the table use %TABLE{...}%:

Argument Comment
sort on or off
headerbg header cell background colour
databg data cell background colour, a comma seperated list

All default to the global setting


Line before table: %TABLE{sort="on" headerbg="#99CCCC" databg="#C8CB8F,#DBDDB5"}%

Num Status Action Who When Progress
1 C Chose new colours John 1-Dec-02  
2 X Release John 1-Apr-02  
3   Get feedback Anne 1-Feb-02  
12 C Spec error handling Jack 1-Dec-02  
5   Abc John    

-- JohnTalintyre? - 07 Oct 2001



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