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This is my first journal and I was surprised to find by watching the Social Dilemma that if SNS is for free, that means I myself, i.e., information regarding my preference, thought, feeling, and expression etc. are goods. However, SNS is so prevalent that most people cannot live without it. Therefore, assuming that most people continue using it, in my opinion, the problem is big data companies such as GAFA might be able to control and dominate people and the world. More and more people are getting aware of such danger, people will be able to resist such control and domination by taking cautious in our daily lives, enacting the relevant laws etc., and try to find our way. This is, I believe how we should deal with using the service of big data companies. I would like to find concrete measures in this class.

-- KeisukeHayashi - 28 Sep 2020

After the discussion with professor Moglen, I thought it important to find how to educate people so that they handle IT technology to prevent their privacy from being exploited by big data companies. In this regard, IT technology is as important as the ability of literacy and arithmetic. People learn these ability during their compulsory education period, and considering that some people do not have advanced education and start their work after completion of their compulsory education, I believe educating basic IT technology during the compulsory education period is critical. To do this, nation's cooperation is necessary. True that socialized education network or software etc. would help people learn IT technology, but it is not enough to make all the people learn it because some people would not be able to access to such method.

-- KeisukeHayashi - 29 Sep 2020



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