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We are a group of young professionals who have worked for over a year to put all of this broker information into a common format and resource that is easy to follow.

It’s quick and easy to see who was the best broker for Forex trading or commodities for example. You can read our in-depth broker reviews or compare online brokers for specific types of trading.

Whatever you decided to trade for example Forex,Stocks, Commodities or Indices we will help you find the best online broker for you from 200+ brokers for clients based in the UK, Europe, Asia, South Africa and Australia.

Find the best stock and Forex brokers all in one place on our website.

We will only suggest reputable brokers. The reputation of the broker you choose is very important. Brokers are subject to stringent criteria on how they operate. There are very strict rules set out and brokers can be closed down if they do not comply with these rules. Online brokers must offer fair market prices and offer act with proper conduct as laid out by their regulatory body.

• All broker reviews and comparisons are updated regularly. • Easy to understand • Used by experienced traders • We only suggest reputable brokers • All of our financial broker reviews and comparison tools are 100% free.

All one has to do is compare the various services provided by forex brokers. Since they all claim to be the best, just compare them and determine whether the claims are exposed or not. Compare each and every aspect of forex trading to find the best program.


Sinking a thousand dollars into the software application can be a make or break investment. You cannot pay such a huge amount without finding out whether the program is good enough. What will you do if you discover that there are alternate programs available on the web that cost just a fraction of the thousand dollar program? It does not take a rocket scientist to conclude that you will opt for the cheaper program. However, what if the expensive forex trading program not only provides tips but also helps you carry out the transactions online? The cost vs. benefit analysis is very essential when compare brokers.


Some brokers expect you to carry out all forex transactions from their office. Some accept orders on the phone provided you validate the same personally before the end of the day. Some provide more time for validation. These are the most inconvenient methods for trading in forex. The market does not close at any time other than a few hours in the weekend. In such a scenario, every second that you spend away from the market is an opportunity to earn money that has got lost. Experience How long has the broker been in the business of providing assistance to forex traders? This question is a double edged sword. If you prefer experienced brokers alone, chances are high that you may have to suffer from the flaws that have crept into their trading strategies. Further, their approach may have become obsolete. If you opt for a new trader, you can benefit from the new approach towards forex trading as a whole. Forex trading is the most profitable form of investment on the planet. It is important to choose the online forex trading platform that is likely to give you the highest return on investment. Online forex trading is clearly the hottest thing out right now.

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