Law in the Internet Society
-- AdamMcclay - 08 Dec 2008

Building from the suggestion in class of thinking about every point in our lives that some electronic record is made of our activities, I decided to do just that. For one week, I kept a log of every time I was (knowingly) on camera, every term I typed into Facebook, Google, Amazon, or any other commercial site, every transaction made with my debit card, and any other electronic tracking. As it turns out, I was not the only one keeping such records. The following memorandum was intercepted by my staff.

To: Central Command, Sinister Overlord Syndicate

From: [name redacted], Information Synthesis Bureau

Re: Information gathered on eyeball "Adam McClay? " for week of Sunday, November 30 through Saturday, December 6

This report summarizes what the Bureau has learned of the activities of the eyeball designated "Adam McClay? ". This report also sets forth early proposals for strategies for capitalizing on the information contained herein.

I. What Have We Learned About "Adam McClay? "?


"Adam McClay? " exhibits tendencies to spend disposable income in the pursuit of two media: books and music. It was recorded browsing through on at least two occasions. Its search terms included "Twilight" and "Blindness," leading to it examining novels in the wildly popular Twilight series in the first instance, and several of Jose Saramago's novels in the second instance. In neither instance did it make a purchase. We are unsure how best to synthesize these browsings. One possibility is that "Adam McClay? " is attracted by novels that have recently become feature films. Another possibility is that it wishes to familiarize itself with both ends of the quality spectrum in contemporary literature.

In addition to browsing, "Adam McClay? " pursued both literary and musical interests on several occasions by typing terms into Google. These terms included "Eminem Superman lyrics," "All Those Years Ago lyrics," "Try to Remember" lyrics. Again, its taste are difficult to discern from these facts. In our experience, it is rare to find an enthusiast of hip hop, and adult rock, and show tunes. The Bureau posits that "Adam McClay? " was researching these lyrics for reasons other than commercial interest. We will continue monitoring its activities and will report further.


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