Law in the Internet Society

Law in Contemporary Society

Professor Eben Moglen

Columbia Law School, Spring 2008

For our first meeting, please read Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., The Path of the Law, which is the first reading in the photocopied materials, or here.

In addition to photopied and web-based materials, we will be discussing Thorstein Veblen, Theory of the Leisure Class (1899), available in numerous cheap editions. If you prefer reading on-line, you can have the entire text at your fingertips here. (We still have some remnants of a public domain).

My office hours are Wednesday 11-1, and Thursday 3-4, in JG642, and by appointment at other times. Please email for an appointment, or consult my assistant, Ian Sullivan, at 212-461-1905.

Introduction to the LawNetSoc Web

The LawNetSoc site is a collaborative class space built on Twiki [], a free software wiki system. If this is your first time using a wiki for a long term project, or first time using a wiki at all, you might want to take a minute and look around the Twiki site. It has a very large user community with many ideas for ways in which wikis can be used to work productively in groups.

Feel free to dig around. If you see something on the page that you don't know how to create in a wiki, take a look at text that produced it using the "Edit" button at the top of each page, and feel free to try anything out in the Sandbox

All of the Twiki documentation is also available locally. Simply go to the sidebar on the left of your screen and look for the TWiki entry in the "Webs" section. There are a number of good tutorials and helpful FAQs there explaining the basics of what a wiki does, how to use Twiki, and how to format text

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