Law in the Internet Society

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 On a personal level, in the first draft, I started taking charge of my habit of mindless scrolling. I continued on the journey from two perspectives. First, I strived to reduce my phone screen time because I noticed that the phone is not only more addicting than a computer but also less efficient. I tried not doing any work on the tiny screen and only work when I am in front of a desk with a computer. The result is freeing up my mind to engage in more thinking and learning and getting things done more efficiently. Second, I turned off notifications on my phone. Notifications are the context cues that I have control over to turn it off. The journey forward isn’t trying to disconnect from the Net, but is learning how to take control of the Net and utilize it to its full potential.

An excellent improvement. You strengthened the research and made practical steps to improve your technologies' relationship to the needs of your mind. Taken together these are two powerful personal investigations of the extent to which technology that supports rather than defeats your mental functioning and improves your privacy is immediately to hand, not just for you but for others around you. Once again, I hope you will fin d somewhere to publish your essay in Chinese for Taiwanese readers.

You are entitled to restrict access to your paper if you want to. But we all derive immense benefit from reading one another's work, and I hope you won't feel the need unless the subject matter is personal and its disclosure would be harmful or undesirable.

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