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I found Eben's lecture last class on the basics of what comprises the internet helpful, as well as his discussion of why the phrase "network neutrality" doesn't capture well the relevant technical and legal dynamics.
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-- AustinKlar - 22 Sep 2011


Reading about Verizon and its attempt to regulate data usage, I wonder whether it's true that was a primary concern for AT&T's attempted merger with T-Mobile. After all, T-Mobile controls many cell towers and AT&T would benefit immensely through more wireless options for their customers. Rather than upgrade the infrastructure, AT&T is trying to acquire more. If that be the case, what do you think would be the effects on data usage and availability for AT&T customers? Certainly the Justice Department is wary of the effect on the market as a whole, but I welcome insights, esp. from other economists and antitrust people, on this. Perhaps this will cause Verizon to backtrack on efforts to rein in their own customers.

-- ThomasHou - 22 Sep 2011


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