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I appreciate that the machine I regularly use to conduct business and entertain myself was created and sold to me through what is essentially contempt for me and the freedom of my mind, and I would like to make a change. However, this machine is already in my possession, and since it is full of toxic materials, and the hardware seems to function just fine, I don't have the motivation to dispose of it in favor of a chromebook.
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 Well, sure, I'd like to try it, but then I would still have my current machine. You aren't throwing yours away, but you still have it. Unless you do throw it away, you'll use it again, and when you do, you'll either use it as is, or make the changes I'm trying to make here. If you do the former, and just use it as it, why have even used the chromebook at all? See what I mean?
P.S. Thanks very much for that link - I've made most of those changes, but I'd like to take it further.
 -- GreggBadichek - 08 Oct 2015
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