Law in the Internet Society

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 Taking a regional approach to optimize user-producer dynamics as a means to achieve greater social equity can create a broad base for stable, structural reorganization in social, political, and economic spheres. These are radical changes that stand to be delayed by legacy complexes linked to traditional sectors in many industrialized nations, but present great opportunity for developing nations to create links to the new knowledge economy. An open systems approach to “creative destruction” of existing models of production and technological innovation relies on recreating capitalist structures that rely on property rights, much like intellectual property rights. In the new economy, however, open source software brings up more than economic concerns to be studied by policymakers, but central issues of social justice and freedoms to be debated by ethicists. In the case of open source software, there is much to be learned from its dynamic development model and the motivations of those involved, many of whom develop software without hope for economic gain, but to contribute to a new kind of development that is open and free.
  • There's nothing here about Africa except that the word is used twice. There was no need for all the words about term definition because nothing you wrote depended on the terms. The only point made here about the global market--that countries without developed proprietary software industries are more receptive to free software--can be put in less than twenty words. For this to be successful on its own terms, it needs a there there.

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