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Has Copyright Law in the Music Industry Gone Too Far?

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 To combat this trend of declining local music options, I propose a simple edit of 17 U.S.C. 110(5)(B) to include live acts in the exemption. PROs and their clients would not be substantially harmed, since this category is only a thin slice of their revenue stream and is the most expensive category to enforce. The amendment might increase music sales, as Napster did. The end-results would be a boon to local food and music, PROs could see greater income from digital, and Girl Scouts can sing “Puff the Magic Dragon” around the campfire guilt-free.

There is no such thing as a simple revision of the copyright act. You could not possibly move any such small change through Congress without attracting all the other small changes that everyone else wants to make. A one-sided argument of the form you present here would of course also be immediately countered by all the other parties who would have similar heart-warming reasons for opposing your exemption. A discussion of legislation that leaves out the legislative process is not complete, and the strongest way forward with this draft is to make the problem statement more compact in order to provide room to discuss the other realities.


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