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These are some questions that came to mind after reading "So Much for Savages".
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 Secondly, people seem to be generally disbelieving that their communication are being monitored and don't care to take precautions about it. E-mail encryption is arguably much easier than telephone and yet no one does it.

-- ElidedElided - 04 Nov 2009


Those are all crap. They all cost $1000-$1500+ (if you can get them to give you a price at all). None of them are interoperable with other brands; you would have to have everyone use phones from a monopoly provider. Several of them feature the weaker A3/A5 encryption that has been broken. To say nothing of the broken links, indicating defunct companies.

Reasons that I thought such a product might not come into being: Overextensive IP protection obtained by teleco monopolists. The need for regulatory approval and regulatory capture by said monopolists.

Do you have any $50-$100 handset phones that use RSA or twofish or ECC based on open source and interoperability? I don't think you do. What people do or do not believe is the province of marketing. Show me a product. This February, when Obama was elected, Glenn Beck et al. made Wal-Marts in every rectangle state in the country sell out of guns and safes, and those things are not cheap.

-- HarryLayman - 04 Nov 2009


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