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So, How "Brave" Are You?

-- By MotazArshied - 04 Dec 2019

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What is the Right Price?

All of the above begs the question: what is the right price for our privacy? In other words, what is the BAT amount that we will be willing to settle for? Clearly, many users accept Brave’s offer. The most profound evidence for this conclusion is the fact that since its 1.0 launch on November 13th this year, Brave already has over 10 million users. However, I do not believe that the BAT offer is the decisive factor in this phenomenon for I have been browsing in Brave for the last week and I find it extremely user friendly. Additionally, with the information I have in mind about the nature of the browser, I feel substantially safer in Brave than browsing elsewhere.
Given Chrome's dominance in the browser world, all of the above begs two challenging questions: First, will Eich's latest browser only cannibalize its previous one (FireFox? )? Second, how does Brave's advertisement model mitigate the problem of targeted ads when "unbribable" users are concerned?

Initially, these questions are to be addressed by the fact that since its 1.0 launch on November 13th, 2019; Brave already has over 10 million users. However, I do not believe that the BAT offer (AKA, the "bribe") is the decisive factor in this phenomenon for Brave's performance is utterly satisfying, mostly thanks to its reliance on Open Source Chromium engine.Thus, seriously tempting other browser users to switch to Brave easily, without adjusting much and therefore taking a piece of every existing other browser, not just FireFox? .

In respect to the second question, the built-in premise in it will forever shape a chunk of population that will not accept Brave's "bribe" and will keep using AdBlock? + and other similar tools to protects themselves from targeting ads. I believe that the decisiveness and belief of this population will never change. However, I also believe that Brave's BAT is not pretentious enough to proclaim itself as a perfect solution, but rather as a wind of change. It is true that one can take full control of the browser by using protective tools, but one can also balance the control of the browser by costuming the ads and circumstances in which the user is comfortable with being targeted. In a sci-fi analogy, Brave asks the man to make peace with the machine, under his own terms. Personally, this idea holds the rope ion the middle, thus containing a lot more of fruitful potential than holding the rope at one of its ends.

 After everything that we have been taught throughout this course, I felt that this technological expedition is an obligation of me to myself, as part of my own self-care. We live in a mad, MAD world nowadays and it is obvious that Brave’s initiative is not a cure to madness, but it is a concentrated, experimental dose against one of madness’s symptoms. Now, more than ever, it is safe to say that privacy has lost its seat around the “high priority values table” of this world and naturally, the losers are us, the people. It is reasonable to believe that the majority of our “click here”, “like that” and “swipe this” society will accept the defeat with open mouths and empty, famished bellies. But I am not hungry nor in the mood to be accepted by this crooked society any further. I am aware that switching browsers does not relief me from the slavery I opted-into for an entire decade now, but it is a step and I declare it counts. Turns out all it required was curiosity, attention and some self-investing. Hard work has various faces. The three factors above constituted one of them for me, one which I think will make dad proud.

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