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So, How "Brave" Are You?

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 After everything that we have been taught throughout this course, I felt that this technological expedition is an obligation to myself, as part of my own self-care. Now, more than ever, it is safe to say that privacy has lost its seat around the high priority values table of this world and naturally, the losers are us; the people. I am aware that switching browsers does not relief me from the slavery I opted-into for an entire decade now, but it is a step and I declare it counts. Turns out all it required was curiosity, attention and some self-investing. Hard work has various faces. The three factors above constituted one of them for me, one which I think will make dad proud.


This is a good summary of the current situation with Brave. I think you can make the draft stronger by asking two further questions:

  1. With Chrome---a browser made to make life easier for a privacy-invading advertising company pervasively collecting human behavior---holding 60% of the browser market, isn't Brave basically a competitor with Firefox for the roughly 13% of browser users who want a browser not made by an advertising company? Eich has spent his career on Firefox, and if (for rather comparatively narrow political reasons) his association with Mozilla is over, shouldn't we ask whether Brave can win over additional users, as Firefox once did, by better performance, lightweightness and simplicity, or is simply destined to cannibalize the Firefox share?
  2. How is preserving advertising, while offering less effectiveness to advertisers, a stable way of confronting the problem? People who don't want advertisements, because they do not believe in allowing the capturing of attention as well as behavior, will not decide in return for some small bribe to allow their attention to be captured as long as behavior collection is limited. Why will I ever allow any advertising on anything I read? Privoxy+AdBlock+ or one of its equivalents will continue to give me an ad-free web. On the other hand, advertisers will not buy low-quality access to consumers at a price comparable to the high-quality access offered by the behavior-collecting targeters. So why, at equilibrium, is there a slot for Brave to fit into?

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