Law in the Internet Society

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-- MarcRoitman - 07 Dec 2008
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-- StevenHwang - 10 Dec 2008

  • I think the title is misleading. Although there's an interpolated paragraph concerning the restructuring of the markets in location-independent services, there's no new political economy here about network-connected society. You've taken a straight cut through the usual version of "free trade" propaganda, including the familiar bullshit about the lamentable effect of steel protectionism on the auto industry, even as the industry supposedly lamed by rules against steel dumping is now seen to be perishing primarily from its own stupidity and inability to produce anything customers would buy with their own money. This is think-tank economics, not even economic thought, and it neither teaches us anything about, nor is informed by, the transformational consequences of the movement to primacy for zero marginal cost goods. If you choose to rewrite, in my view, the goal should be to ask a novel question within the scope of the title: what unexpected or non-dogmatic observations have you to share, and how came you by them?

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