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So I thought it might be worth creating a page where we can post links that we find that are interesting? Or maybe I can just use this to store my own interesting links.
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 U.K.Seeks to Boost Its Spying Powers

-- BriannaCummings - 04 Nov 2015

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I recently started using an email service,ProtonMail, which offers end-to-end encryption for emails between users and even to external mail addresses. It has been designed by some smart physics cookies at CERN.

The theme of who might be 'the villain' attacking our privacy has come up several times during our discussions in class. Well, I have not been able to use my ProtonMail? account for the last two days due to a DDOS attack, as reported in this ars technica article. This is my first first-hand experience that there are some powerful people out there that hate privacy. But when it comes to their own identity, it seems that these powerful bad guys very much like to protect their own privacy, too.

-- MariaJoseSchmidtKessen - 06 Nov 2015

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