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So I thought it might be worth creating a page where we can post links that we find that are interesting? Or maybe I can just use this to store my own interesting links.
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 I learned today that Whatsapp is using Open Whisper Systems' TextSecrue (now called Signal) (Thanks Merel for teaching me about this) to encrypt Whatsapp messages end-to-end on Android devices. After the start of our seminar, I got increasingly nervous about using Whatsapp, so I was all the happier when I read this : Whatsapp is 'the' app for messages in Europe (I have the feeling it's not as popular in the US). I found the company's commitment to secrecy was more credible because Whatsapp's founder grew up in Ukraine during Soviet times... but maybe I'm just being naive here.

-- MariaJoseSchmidtKessen - 04 Nov 2015


I thought this was interesting following a conversation LizzieOShea? and I had during office hours.

U.K.Seeks to Boost Its Spying Powers

-- BriannaCummings - 04 Nov 2015


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