Law in the Internet Society

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The Internet of Things (“IoT”) has arrived, generating an ever expanding range of privacy invading and data gathering technology. Coupled with existing challenges from data-focused proprietary operating systems to the collection and analysis of smartphone and internet usage patterns, individuals seeking to maintain their privacy and prevent the collection and analysis of their data must overcome significant technological hurdles. However, code designed to maintain privacy has kept pace with these developments due in significant part to the free software movement, with the caveat that the use of said software has been restricted to a privacy conscious minority with a baseline level of technical proficiency. The solution is therefore not a system wherein users opt-out of an intrusive data-collecting ecosystem via the utilization of free software which respects the user, but rather to flip the paradigm to a privacy focused ecosystem supported by free software where one opts-in to data collection while simultaneously working towards the dissolution of the existing framework.
The Internet of Things (“IoT”) has arrived, generating an ever expanding range of privacy invading and data gathering technology. The networking of appliances, electronics, and personal assistants loaded with proprietary code allows pervasive tracking and monitoring of customers at a finer level of granularity then ever before. Yet recent news has shown that many of these implementations are severely deficient in regards to security, an ever pressing consumer concern in an increasingly tech-literate populace. Thus the challenge for the free software movement, and opportunity for vendors who want a common easy to work with platform with high security standards, is to create new or modify existing open platforms for internet of things connected devices which give consumers a choice and vendors a selling point.

'IoT' & the Evolving Landscape of Data Collection

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