Law in the Internet Society

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Ready for review. Comments welcome. You should log in before reading this.
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 I also welcome any other comments or suggestions. Oh, and as a note, I debated restricting access for the wiki user name feature to always avoid TWikiGuest. I did not because I decided a gimmick was not worth limiting access.

-- BrianS - 17 Dec 2009



Stylistically, I truly enjoyed your writing. Substantively, you do an excellent job of tying together many of the themes and concerns from the class. As for the links, I feel that they aid the paper. They add to its character, and work hand in hand with the paper’s ideas to help get your point across. Without the links, you would likely have to completely change the style and feel of your writing. The danger with too many links is that they can interrupt the flow of the paper. Fortunately, here, the links do much more good than harm.

p.s. Yes, we should be better friends. I'll just need some of your personal information to fill in my online "friendship application" form.

-- ScottMcKinney - 30 Dec 2009


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