Law in the Internet Society

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 Further, manufacturers may not be required to warn when dealing with sophisticated users. A lawyer, who herself should know the laws of professional ethics, may be a sophisticated user. However, she may not be sophisticated as to the technical issues of Alexa’s privacy. That said, Alexa’s terms of use do discuss that Alexa records and stores conversations. If anyone is a sophisticated user as to reading terms of use, lawyers should be the ones. Perhaps other professionals, less sophisticated in terms of use, such as doctors should lead an action for lack of duty to warn. There is a class-action lawsuit against Alexa for allegedly illegally recording children’s voices. However, children who have not consented are different than professionals who choose not to read the terms of use.
Yes, this is a much improved draft. Is this object "she" if it uses a female voice? Are machines no longer things&mash;so long as they are pretending to be human, we pretend back?


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