Law in the Internet Society

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  Yes, but. See top. You circle around getting to the outer suburbs of #1, but #2 is invisible, which means you don't ever really figure out what the trick is, which means that #3 isn't yet thinkable. Instead you do the thing you're supposed to do which is to follow the handkerchief and harrumph the harrumph you're supposed to have, which means you were so busy being all lawyerly about the details of enforceability and feeling superior to them on the fake reveal that you never even had a chance to look over to where they were preparing the real trick they're going to be playing on human civilization the next time the lights go out momentarily. That's the space to cover in thinking your way to draft 2.

DRAFT 2 IN PROGRESS!!!!!!!!!!!
You are entitled to restrict access to your paper if you want to. But we all derive immense benefit from reading one another's work, and I hope you won't feel the need unless the subject matter is personal and its disclosure would be harmful or undesirable.

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